Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally! Election Results In Hickman County

It's Over! After what seemed like months and months of campaign signs, radio ads, TV ads, door knocking and mail, the local election is finally over for another year and a half until it starts over again. There were a few local surprises in the Hickman County Commission races, but otherwise not much has changed.

Steve Gregory, the incumbent County Mayor, defeated four other candidates with 42% of the vote. Randal Ward, the incumbent Sheriff is still the sheriff this morning having outlasted four other candidates. And the new Road Superintendent is Ronald Coates, who has worked for the Hickman County Highway Department for over 30 years.

The vacant position of County Court Clerk goes to newcomer Casey Dorton in what some have called the East vs West Contest, and East won. There were six candidates including Dorton vying for that position. It seems as though the West vote was divided and East voted as a block.

The Circuit Court Clerk position(Dana Nicholson) and the Register of Deeds position (Patty Sisk) keep the incumbents, both winning handily. Cheryl Chessor was unopposed as Trustee. There will be a few new faces on the Hickman County Commission when they meet in September. The list of all the winners follow.

District 1 Blackwell, Chilton and Leeper
District 2 Collins, Haynes and Gammons
District 3 Thomasson, Booker and Mangrum
District 4 Nash, George and Deal
District 5 Ward, Jordon and Capps
District 6 Puckett, Hassell and Sullivan
District 7 Bates, Atkinson and Murray

The Highway Department members will be as follows.

District 1 Rudd
District 2 Sullivan
District 3 Potts
District 4 No Candidate
District 5 Mathis
District 6 Creech
District 7 Cook

Each district also elected Constables, although most of them were incumbents and unopposed. They are:

District 1 Bowman
District 2 Warden
District 3 Harness
District 4 Deal
District 5 Long
District 6 Lancaster
District 7 Qualls

I guess that wraps it up until the next election. Thanks to Steve Turner of KIX 96 radio station in Centerville, Tennessee for broadcasting the results. I remember that it used to take several hours for most of the results to be known, however, with the technology of today, votes are counted rather quickly.

These results will not be certified until Monday. FINALLY!

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