Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Hickman County!

Small towns usually do not have big acts to perform on the local stage. However, Hickman County - at times - seems to be the exception. Hickman County has been home to some big country stars throughout the years.

Minnie Pearl was born in Centerville, Tennessee and Grinders Switch was her fictitious home in her comedy routine. Del Reeves lived here for decades. Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown lived here for a few years. Alan Jackson, Ed Bruce, and Blake Shelton have all called Hickman County home.

And, last Saturday night the Crickets which includes drummer and songwriter J. I. Allison, who lives in Lyles, TN, played at the Ag pavilion in Grinders Switch. Although not as many people attended as I would have liked to have seen, they put on a great show. It was billed as "Saturday Night In Hickman County" and was a fundraiser for victims of the "Great Flood" in May.

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