Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Store Closing In Centerville

Once again the news is not good for the citizens of Hickman County. Donna's Cee Bee store in Centerville is closing its doors on November 7, 2010. After about 60 years in business, and changing hands a few times during that time, the grocery store will be missed by the local people who sometimes walk to it.

A casualty of rising rent and unable to negotiate another lease, the present owners believe that it is better to close now than to wait any longer.

If anyone out there would like to build another store that is definitely needed, I can help you find a good location. Just let me know. I would not recommend that location, but, I think that the opportunity to make lots of money is there. According to one study I saw, there is an $18,000,000 opportunity in the Lyles, Bon Aqua area alone.

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